Leather Reupholstering

Leather, the crème de la crème of furniture upholstery, the choice for centuries, and with good reason. The soft buttery finish, the classic look and style is going to elevate the furniture to give a level of luxe and timelessness. Understandably one must weigh up the cost and maintenance of leather and whether it is suitable for your reupholstered piece. The look and


20 Years of Reupholstery

“An art not forgotten” Re-designing & bringing new life to a space can bring up the question; “To keep or not to keep the existing furniture?” Comax are designers as well as manufacturers of furniture which means we watch every step of production and know what makes long lasting and comfortable pieces. We understand the sentimental value behind furniture and can work with you


New Year, New COMAX

Welcome to our new website! Throughout 2013 we were kept very busy and 2014 is proving to continue this momentum. The website has been redeveloped to be viewed on any device, so whether you are on the go with your mobile or sitting at your desktop the full site will remain accessible to inspire you! We have included pinterest sharing on

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