COMAX Custom

Our furniture designer team creating a range of custom made furniture, including a lavender coloured designer couch.

Custom Made Furniture With COMAX

Turn your furniture idea into a reality!

At COMAX our clients have the privilege of reimaging furniture and then having it custom manufactured in-house at our Brisbane based factory. From the beginning stages of rough sketches and concept ideas, our team of expert furniture designers are onsite, ready to make your re-imagined custom furniture idea a reality.

We work closely with our clients and having our experienced craftsman on-site guarantee us your custom made furniture is tailored to your needs.

Having our very own factory enables COMAX to deliver high end re-imagined custom furniture with a lead time of 6-8 weeks. This ensures better quality control and guarantee that experienced craftsman are working on your custom furniture ensuring it is made with the highest attention to detail.

Truly Bespoke Furniture

When it comes to custom made furniture, COMAX has you covered.

COMAX custom furniture enables the client to customise every aspect and detail of the furniture, from form and structure to selecting the exact colour and design of the upholstery. Unlike other manufacturers, we won’t limit the client’s vision with pre-selected options. Instead, we start from the client vision and develop their idea into a custom built furniture piece with the clients own personal selections.

The only limit with COMAX custom design furniture is in fact your imagination. If you envisage it COMAX can deliver it – whether it’s from a photograph, a sketch or from your imagination.

Designed and made
in australia

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