Environmental Policy

We recognise that even the smallest adjustments now can minimise our carbon footprint and we strive for continuous improvement to reduce the company’s environmental impact.

Comax is proud to produce premium quality Australian-made furniture with a holistic and responsible approach to our manufacture that is not only aware but sensitive to our environment.

Timber and Substrates: Comax uses solid timber across our range of products, with the purpose to last for generations. We ensure that all of the timber used is either FSC, AFS or PEFC certified. We source our timber from responsibly managed plantation timber that is grown in Australia and/or New Zealand.

All substrate materials used in our framing are Australian-made composite wood products. We use ASF-certified Hoop Pine plywood, which is from a plantation-grown source and is glued with very low formaldehyde levels (certified Super EO). All MDF used in our products is certified EO, for formaldehyde emissions.

We are working hand-in-hand with our suppliers in order to source new and reliable alternatives to use in our products.
Foams and Feathers: We use Dunlop Enduro Fire Retardant Foam. It is made in Australia, GECA approved and is produced under the world’s best environmental controls. Enduro foam is brought in to the factory pre-cut so as to minimise wastage. It is also covered by a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty for commercial use and a lifetime warranty for residential use.

Feather and down used at Comax is completely bio-degradable.

Fabric: We offer fabrics from a myriad of suppliers and manufacturers, some who offer the environmental certification to ISO 14001. We are always happy to recommend to our clients the use of leather over vinyl when considering the environmental impact of a product.

The leather supplied to Comax uses organic dyes and chrome-free processing. We use natural hemp fibre for webbed backs and linings that are both recyclable and bio-degradable.

Stains: Water based stains are available from Comax and can be specified.

Paper and Cardboard: Comax endeavours to recycle all of the paper and cardboard used both in the factory and the office space, wherever possible.

Packaging: The use of blankets for packaging and transport allows both protection and re-use. Any additional cardboard packaging is 100 percent recyclable.

Energy and Transport: Comax manufactures its furniture in Brisbane, Australia, providing a better choice in terms of global transport miles, with optimal route planning and grouped deliveries where possible. Our head office and showroom utilises 100 percent Green Power, which means it is matched by government accredited renewable energy generated by wind.

End of Life Provision: Our furniture is built to last and we encourage our client’s to take up our re-upholstery and restoration service to further extend the life of their product, not only to Comax Australia, but to any furniture product.

We are happy to advice on responsible disposal when an item is no longer required or look into charitable donations. All Comax upholstered items are covered by a 10-year warranty on frames and springs and a five year warranty on cushions and padding.

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