Leather Reupholstering


Leather, the crème de la crème of furniture upholstery, the choice for centuries, and with good reason.

The soft buttery finish, the classic look and style is going to elevate the furniture to give a level of luxe and timelessness.

Understandably one must weigh up the cost and maintenance of leather and whether it is suitable for your reupholstered piece.

The look and longevity is often the rhyme and reason in choosing this finish, however there are so many faux leather options to choose from if budget is a factor, that will still give an amazing result.

leather instyle samples


Comax upholsterers are highly experienced with leather, they understand the way it molds and softens to the foam and frame of any sofa, chair or ottoman.

Being a natural product, they will asses the hide and use the best sections for a premium result.


Coming up Next Month... Timber, Raw, Oiled, stain and beautiful. Why timber furniture will never go out of style!

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