banquettes reimagined
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banquettes reimagined
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Designed and made
in australia

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COMAX Australia specialises in the art of creating the perfect banquette. COMAX is able to completely customise its banquette seating to meet the taste, style and specification of any client. Whether the banquette is for commercial, domestic, restaurants, shopping centres or universities; COMAX can specify any fabric, leather or material to suit your needs. In addition to COMAX’s ability to create custom furniture ranges, COMAX builds its furniture to last. Over 20 years of upholstery, joinery and design experience go into the careful crafting of our designer furniture pieces; built for comfort, and more importantly, ergonomic support.

COMAX reimagines its banquettes with;

• Different bases (castors and wheels, Plinths: timber, stainless steel, any metal)
• Different configurations (can be built to break apart)
• Different upholstery (buttoned, ribbed, top stitched)

COMAX takes responsibility for building structurally and ergonomically sound custom furniture specified for any need.