buffets and desks reimagined
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buffets and desks reimagined
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COMAX Australia has been providing joinery work to clients both local and national for over 20 years.

Our team of professional joiners hand-craft and create almost any piece of furniture within 6-8 weeks. Comax has a widespread supplier network and the capability to source any timber from local partners to global wholesalers. Our experienced tradesmen use advanced equipment so that COMAX can offer a wide range of custom-made and architecturally designed products in a multitude of materials and finishes factory-made locally.

COMAX are specialists in all forms of custom joinery for all kinds of projects – from the home to the office and through to larger commercial requests. Comax approach small and large projects with a high level of care and devotion to detail. From free standing furniture such as tables and chairs to separate custom made built-ins and full hotel bedroom suites we employ a diverse range of assembly methods for maximum value and greater results.

In addition to Buffets, we are able to build dining tables, desks, receptions, consoles, buffets, bedside tables, banquettes, planters, coffee tables, stools, boardroom tables and outdoor furniture.

We can work with solid timber, veneer, ply, laminate, brass, copper, stainless steel and a number of different finishes. Comax is also able to powder coat to any colour and finish using our standard or Electrolux range of colours. Whether you’re an interior designer, architect, or just humble homeowner – we can cooperate with you side-by-side and step you through our design and development process.

COMAX works with a number of diverse timbers, some of these include Vic Ash, American Oak, Wengy, Blackbutt, Spotted gum.

With more than 20 years’ knowledge, Comax uses traditional wood joinery methods that address the individual material properties of the timber without resorting to the use of mechanical fasteners like screws and nails. Feel free to explore our online catalogue and discover furniture reimagined.