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Furniture Reimagined – Designer Furniture Australia-Wide

Custom Designer Furniture Brisbane, Sydney and Nationally

COMAX are Australian furniture designers based in Brisbane, who supply, manufacture and create extensive ranges of high quality custom made furniture for commercial and residential spaces. Our bespoke furniture creations adorn a myriad of homes and businesses in Australia and other parts of the world. We’re a team of dream builders, taking ideas and concepts from clients and bringing designer furniture to life. As boutique manufacturer, we’re able to move quickly from design to production, with a standard 6-8 week lead time for custom furniture orders. Striking the perfect balance between form and function, our bespoke furniture showcases our innate understanding of what makes truly exceptional designer furniture. We’ve refined this sense for over 20 years of working in the Australian design community, and we continually push the boundaries of contemporary furniture design for every client. At COMAX, it’s not just about what’s possible. It’s about what you can reimagine because when it comes to custom design furniture, COMAX makes ideas a reality.

By Designers, For Designers

We at COMAX are designers first and foremost. This separates us from other manufacturers, who simply produce pieces based on pre-approved designs. As designers ourselves, we share the same mindset that drives your ideas. This allows us to mould your concepts, see new possibilities and come up with distinctive designs that perfectly serve your needs. Our team of highly qualified designers is led by Susan Denham, our director and founder, who herself has worked in interior design for many years. This experience, together with the background of the rest of our team, have proven key to our success as manufacturers for interior designers and architects. After all, nothing makes manufacturing for designers better than being a designer yourself.

Designer Furniture That Lasts

There’s a reason why COMAX is always a top choice for airports, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shopping centres and similar establishments: our furniture can withstand such environments. Not only are our pieces functional and attractive, but they’re also extremely durable and designed to last. When we say that our designer furniture is high quality, we absolutely mean it. Not surprisingly, this durability is one of the qualities that separate our furniture from those of many local manufacturers and even high-end imports. It’s an area where many companies fail, either because of lack of expertise or simply inattention to detail. But with our furniture, durability is always built-in. Longevity will always be as important to us as aesthetics and ergonomics.

Dreams Don’t Take Forever

One of the main advantages of being a boutique medium-sized manufacturer is the ability to flow seamlessly from one process to another. This enables us to manufacture at a much faster rate than others, with an average lead time of 6-8 weeks for many of our pieces. It’s a drastic improvement over the usual 2-3 month wait from many manufacturers, especially if you’re ordering from overseas. With COMAX, getting the furniture you’ve always wanted will hardly be a waiting game.

> Tailored To Your Satisfaction

As a maker and supplier of designer furniture, we offer two categories of ergonomically sound and aesthetically pleasing furniture:

Bespoke Furniture

Custom made furniture is our specialty and the essence of our service as a furniture maker. We design and manufacture exclusive pieces, according to your specifications and requirements. You may already have a design to begin with, whether it’s a rough sketch or a fully realised concept. Or perhaps you only know what style or direction to adopt and need more guidance to flesh it out. Whatever it may be, we’ll help turn your concept into reality. It’s not even necessary for you to provide highly detailed drawings of your design concept.

Simply give us an idea of the aesthetics and feel that you’re after, together with any other requirements you may have. Then we’ll do the rest. We are designers, after all, and we’ll bring your ideas to life in the best way possible.

Standard Range

If you’re not looking for custom designed furniture but want the same level of quality and detail to your pieces, then our standard line of furniture is your choice. These furniture may not be as exclusive as our custom made work, but they’re practically alike in terms of craftsmanship and expertise.

Choose from our selection of standard furniture types below:

> Other Services


COMAX started as an upholstery business, and we’ve never abandoned this specialty even as we’ve grown into a full-scale manufacturer. We provide reupholstery services that bring contemporary and antique furniture back to life, making them look new again or, in some cases, even completely different pieces. Unlike most reupholstery service providers, however, we don’t simply put a new fabric on top of your old furniture. Instead, we repair the frame, replace the interior with commercial grade foam, and do whatever it takes to give your furniture new life. When you’ve done reupholstery as long as we have, you’ll know all the techniques and best practices of how to make any piece of furniture look like new again.

Decor Accessories

Although we’re primarily furniture manufacturers, COMAX also provides decor accessories that enhance spaces the same way that our custom furniture do. Whether you need upholstered walls, decorative screens, or additional furniture accessories, we’ll gladly customise them however you wish. Rest assured that all these accessories undergo the same level of craftsmanship and detail that our designer furniture receive. No matter how big or small an accessory may be, we’ll create it in the same manner as the rest of our work.

> Why Choose COMAX

More than anything else, COMAX is proud to provide the design and manufacturing services that every interior designer looks for. As former full-time interior designers ourselves, we have an intimate understanding not only of what you want, but also what you need. This design-centric approach to our work has given us an edge that many manufacturers and suppliers simply can’t match.

Here’s why our clients trust us:

Custom Furniture Australia-wide

At COMAX, we provide customisation in the truest sense of the word. Bespoke furniture are our specialty, and we’ve been delivering this to our clients for several years. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Furniture Designers Who Make

We are designers before anything else, and we use our design sensibilities to create contemporary and traditional furniture that are as beautiful as they are functional. Because of our design background, we’re able to give informed advice to our clients, helping formulate the best design concepts for their ideas.

We are furniture designers who make, instead of manufacturers who can also design. This allows us to properly mould the client’s ideas to ensure optimal comfort and ergonomics, instead of simply manufacturing whatever was initially drawn. We can also tailor a design to specific situations, such as adjusting a chair to suit an aged care facility.

Australian Owned Company

COMAX is a completely Australian owned company that locally designs and manufactures custom made furniture. We manufacture all our work according to Australian standards, ensuring a high level of quality and craftsmanship that’s among the best in the world. Boutique, Medium-sized Manufacturer

Given our size as a manufacturer, we’re able to accommodate short lead times and deliver on 6-8 week turnaround period. We’re not too small that we can’t handle large orders or projects. Neither are we too large to get bogged down by procedure and be unable to quickly make changes as needed. We’re the ideal size Australian furniture designers – flexible, highly capable, and absolutely dynamic.

> The COMAX Story

Like any of our custom designed furniture, COMAX’s creation was no accident. There was plenty of planning and hard work involved to get where we are today, not to mention perfect timing and the courage to take chances. It all started when our founder Susan Denham was still working as a freelance interior designer and was offered the opportunity take over a client’s one-man upholstery business. She was hesitant in the beginning, but warmed up to the idea after thinking about it for a few days.

On a whim, she asked a furniture retailer if he needed a good upholsterer. When she found out that he indeed was looking for one, she decided to take the opportunity. Susan quoted him on a large job, got her quote approved, and used the deposit to take over and start her own business and so COMAX was born.

Starting as an upholstery business, Susan worked hard to build the company from the ground up. In the beginning, it was just her and one other upholsterer, so Susan did everything to make it work. From quoting and bookkeeping to answering the phone, she did whatever it took to make COMAX succeed. Eventually, Susan turned COMAX into a full on manufacturing business, adding a wood machining workshop and a polish shop. To Susan, this was an opportunity to provide the services that she was always looking for when she was an interior designer herself.

And her taking a chance has paid off. Twenty three years later and COMAX now employs a staff of 15 with two in-house designers and a full-fledged factory for manufacturing. Not to mention COMAX being one of the most respected and accomplished furniture manufacturers in Australia. No matter how much we’ve grown through the years, though, our goal in COMAX remains the same: to be a reliable, world-class supplier of custom designed furniture. Our artistic and commercial vision never ceases to expand, ensuring that we’re always reimagining the possibilities of furniture design.

Bringing Australia to the World

As we continue to build our name in the Australian design industry, we’ve also set our eyes on even bigger arenas: the international market. This is not just a matter of expanding our business, but more importantly, about promoting Australian ingenuity and craftsmanship on a global scale. We believe that Australia is home to many fantastic designers who are comparable to those in Europe and other prominent regions. We should know – we do it!

Instead, we focus on creating original designs that better reflect local influences. We believe that Australian designers can be global trendsetters, capable of setting the bar for furniture design and manufacturing in international markets.

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